Staalnacke Core cushion cover

70x100 Optical white

The pattern on this cushion cover is a mix of two different illustrations of information, both which are important for our daily well-being. One of the illustrations are the molecule structure of the love hormone (oxytocin), the hormone we produce when we hug, kiss or enjoy ourselves together with other people. It makes us calm, and gives us a feeling of happiness and tranquillity in our everyday lives. Do your best to create oxytocin for yourself and others. The other illustration is the tracing of the graph of a typical 8-hour sleep cycle, turned into a molecule structure. The four peaks on the graph is after 2, 4, 5 and 6 hours of sleep. Enjoy a magical night of 8 hours of solid sleep.

Product information
• 100% cotton satin
• Quilted on both sides with 100% polyester filling,
  piping around all sides and bottom zipper
• Comes with machting bedspread and cushion cover

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